Monday, December 11, 2017

Look ahead at 2018

Please feel free to look around
I am revamping the website
as I'm starting a new line of products

The Rosey Posey
wishes you and yours a very
A Happy, Healthy New Year 2018

Thank you for your patience and your support this year!

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Christmas is Just Around the Corner


Christmas Tree Ornaments
All the balls are made of glass
$5.00 each
For local delivery only

Coastal Christmas Tree Balls

Snowmen with Crocheted Top Hat
Frosty White Christmas Tree Balls

Melted Snowmen
Christmas Tree Glass Balls
Each melted snowman
is made up of two coal pieces for eyes
one carrot nose
three coal pieces for buttons
a black top hat
(all pieces handcrafted from clay)
wrapped with a flannel scarf
and, of course, SNOW

Snowmen made with Peat Cups
Each cup has a wire handle
I have 12 and they can be hung on the tree
filled with candy 
or a pom pom, like pictured below,
or greens
or without a filler.
I've used mine for table favors,
filled each one with candy for my guests.

Metallic Brown Christmas Tree Balls
Wrapped with burlap and lace
and a brown tone vintage button

The Rosey Posey will be setting up at 3 more local craft shows
Contact me at for locations
or we can arrange pick up

Friday, September 22, 2017

Vintage Wooden Trucks

Vintage Wooden Trucks

Each wooden truck is 
approximately 12" long
and about 5" tall

Copper hangers provide a way
to hang the trucks on
your Christmas tree

wherever you have a pretty hanger

$12.00 plus shipping
Paypal available

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Baa Baa Black-Faced Sheep

Baa Baa Black-Faced Sheep

10 Little Black-Faced Sheep

These little cuties were such fun to make.

Wouldn't they add a country look to your Christmas tree?
Where can ornaments be hung, other than a tree?

and on any place with an empty hook!

The Scottish Blackface is the most common breed of domestic sheep 
in the United Kingdom. This tough and adaptable breed
 is often found in the more exposed locations, 
such as the Scottish Highlands or roaming on the moors of Dartmoor.

Each sheep is approximately 6" wide.
A rusty star and rusty bell have been added to the hanger.
$5.00 each plus postage. Paypal is available.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Autumn Salt Shaker Button Flower Bouquets & Do-It-Yourself Kits

All of the buttons are wired and free standing. The glass salt shakers are filled with various ingredients such as salt, salt & glitter combo and popcorn. Each shaker is accessorized with a matching ribbon and an ornament that is glued to the front of the bottle.

I offer Do-It-Yourself Kits for those of you whose shaker/s will need to be shipped to you.
The kits will contain:
* A clear glass shaker
* 13 wired button flowers
* A ribbon (glued to the shaker)
* An ornament glued to the front of the shaker 
* A bag of salt (or another filler that you might request)

Photo #1: Autumn:
Orange/Black/White buttons. The shaker is filled with a salt/glitter combo and accented with an orange ribbon, a silver Autumn leaf and a clay pumpkin (also designed and crafted by me). There is a copper wire flower designed by my husband and accented with black & orange buttons). 

Photo #2: Red Apples: 
The shaker is filled with Red and White buttons, also accented with a red ribbon, a copper wire flower (designed by my husband) and accented with red & white buttons. An apple button has been glued to the front of the shaker. 

Photo #3: Rustic Summer Flavors:
 The shaker is filled with wired buttons of Green tones and accented with a bright yellow polka dot ribbon, a rusty star and an olive-toned flat button has been glued to the front of the shaker.

Photo #4: Snowflakes:
The shaker is filled with wired buttons consisting of white/creme/carmel tones, a wooden flower and a wooden smiley face. There is also a rustic metal tree (I almost said "evergreen") and a copper wire flower designed by my husband that is accented with a one-of-a-kind snowflake. Another snowflake has been glued to the front of the glass shaker. The filler for this shaker is popcorn. 

Photo #5: Gingerbread
The shaker is filled with wired buttons consisting of brown tones
and a wood slice.  I tied a knot with jute and glued a gingerbread girl onto the shaker.
The filler for this shaker is salt. 

Photo #6: Pastels
This shaker is filled with wired buttons of blue, pink, green, peach and yellow pastels.
A blue satin ribbon has been tied around the neck of the shaker and 
three pastel flowers have been glued to the front.
A silver metal star has been inserted into the center of the shaker
and the filler is salt. 

Photo #7: Rusty Tree
Twenty-two buttons have been used to make up the picks with colors of soft brown tones and creme.
A rusty tree has also been added as well as a creme colored satin bowl
The shaker has been filled with salt and
a two buttons have been glued to the front. 

#8: Blue Skys
This shaker was made for a customer so it as been SOLD. However,
I can make another one in blue and brown tones but it will vary 
somewhat from this shaker.

If you purchase a Do-It-Yourself Kit, you will receive all supplies. You will just need to fill the shaker with the included salt or popcorn and add the buttons according to the photo I email or facebook to you (or you can create as you wish).

Completed bouquets are $10.00 
Do-It-Yourself Kits are priced at $9.00 plus postage
Paypal is available

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Pom Pom Snowmen Ornaments

Pom Pom Snowmen

Each snowman stands about 4" tall
on a canning jar lid
Each one has it's own personality
Joshua has been sprinkled with cinnamon
and smells yummy. His brown top hat matches
his brownish snowman body!!

Ready to Ship
$5.00 each plus postage
Pay Pal Accepted

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Crocheted Mug Jackets

Crocheted Mug Jackets

$7.00 each, including cup
plus postage. Paypal available.
I buy the mugs at The Dollar Tree.
You will save postage if you buy the mugs
and I ship the covers to you.