Thursday, May 29, 2014

Elastic Pony Tail Holders

Crocheted Elastic Pony Tail Holders

Crocheted with 100% U.S.A. grown yarn
Approximately 4" across
You choose color
$3.50 each plus shipping and tax

Crocheted with acrylic yarn
Approximately 6" across
You choose color
$3.50 each plus shipping and tax

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

These Bags are "Totes Adorable"

Uses for a TOTE BAG:
Work Bag
Laptop Bag
Diaper Bag
Overnight Bag
Shopping Bag
Gym Bag
Craft Bag
Book Bag
Beach Bag
Travel Bag
Fashion Bag

Bag #1:  Denim tote with
2 heart pocketbooks in the front
3 more pockets in the front
Bag is 16" wide x 12" long
Floral fabric strap accented with 2 flower buttons

Knotted 26" shoulder strap

Lining is the same fabric as the strap and pockets

Belt is a silver-toned chain

2 back pockets

$15.00 plus tax and shipping

 Bag #2:  Denim bag accented with fabric flower

and a pearled chain to which keys could be attached

6 pockets, including 3 inside & 3 outside

15.5" wide x 14.5 long

Straps lined with same floral fabric as inside of bag

5 buttons trim back pocket

$15.00 plus tax and shipping

 Bag #3: Soft brown bag

 Accented with a lace flower

Inside of bag and belt are made of the same fabric

2 pockets in the back, 2 on the side, 2 in the front

20" wide x 12" long 
$20.00 plus tax and shipping

Light blue denim
11" long x 16" wide
3 pockets in the front

Non-matching denim handles

Accented with a pearl belt that can serve two purposes
Use it as a belt also

2 pockets in the back of the bag

Lining with two pockets
$15.00 plus shipping and tax