Saturday, January 16, 2016

Primitive Americana

Americana Rag Balls

Burgundy ~ Tan ~ Navy Blue
7 - 2.5" styrofoam balls hand wrapped 
with homespun fabric. 
Gramma decorated her country house 
with scraps of quilt fabric.
$14.00 plus postage
You can send me quilt fabric scraps
or Grandpa's favorite shirt, maybe flannel,
and I will make the rag balls for you.
$1.75 each plus return postage. 
What a great memory of your family.
As you look at each ragball, you will 
remember Grandpa as he worked
on the farm or what he wore to work or
maybe fabric from your own baby blanket/quilt 
that you can display  
as rag balls in your daughter's bedroom.

Crocheted Country Coasters
4 coasters per set 
Approximately 4" x 4"
Felt padding on the back will preserve your tables
Wipe off any spills with a cool cloth and a little dishwashing detergent
The yarn and felt is washable, but the combo
of both of those items is not conducive to machine washing/drying.

Tan with flecks of brown and black
Creamy Creme
Navy Blue
Country Burgundy

Creamy Creme
Country Burgundy
Navy Blue
Celery Green

Navy Blue
Bright Red
Bright Blue
Shiny White

Forest Green, Bright Blue, Shiny White, Bright Red


$12.00 per set
plus postage


You may choose different colors!