Saturday, February 27, 2016

Wooden Firecrackers

Explosives !!!

Firecrackers in a primitive design
These firecrackers will not be banned at your home
Fuses are made of heavy duty, hand-sculpted rusty wire
Antique Barn Red, Creamy Antique White and Patriotic Navy Blue
Accented with a rusty star and wrapped in Americana fabric
Let's be supportive of all who served the U.S.A.
and decorate our homes in honor of them

$13.00 plus postage

Friday, February 19, 2016

Scrabble tiles signs - Faith Based

Faith based scrabble tile signs, 
includes holder

Make great gifts for birthdays, 
"just because" gifts

$6 per sign, includes holder, plus postage
permanently glued

2 Prayer
1 Home
1 Hope
1 Faith
1 Love

Scrabble Tile Signs

Americana and Patriotism

This is a nice way to show your patriotism
Wooden scrabble tile signs, each with a wooden holder.


Love USA with American Flag SOLD


$6.00 per set plus postage
(permanently glued)

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Denim and Lace Country Banner

Americana Primitive Banner

Banner made of 5 upcycled jean pockets
The length of the banner itself is 30" long
the total length, including the hemp string, is 52" long.

The four small pockets are  4" x 4" wide
the two large pockets are 6" x 6" wide.

 Four of the pockets are accented with crocheted lace hearts
and bandana farmer handerchiefs.

 The two large pockets are embellished 
with red/white/blue buttons.

Each heart has been created to be individual.

The hemp cord has been tied at each end for easy hanging.

The hemp string hanger has been hot glued to the back of each pocket.

The farmer handerchiefs have been hot glued into each pocket.

If I were going to hang this banner on my hutch,
I would add a small American flag to each of the larger pockets
I would add some dried flowers
I would add fresh evergreen sprigs at Christmas time
I would add fresh or dried herbs.

$20.00 plus postage
Ready to ship

Banner and Bells

Country Banner with Jingle Bells

The bells are made from seed starter pots.
Inside each pot, there is a jingle bell.
All are accented with rusty stars,
red/white/blue fabric ties,
and a red/creme colored fabric string 

The rusty country stars are made of heavy-duty metal
 and are hot glued to each bell.

Red/white/blue fabric has been tied to the hanging cord.

A closeup of the rusty stars

Red/white/blue buttons have been glued to the top of each bell

A metal ring has been attached to the cord 
to make hanging the banner easy

The jingle bells inside of each bell.

$20.00 plus postage
Ready to ship

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Country/Primitive Easter Baskets - Mini Style

Country/Primitive Easter Baskets

All ready for the jelly beans

my primitive colored eggs
(eggs not included)

Tiny wooden eggs would look amazing inside the basket.
Each of the 12 Easter baskets started with a seed starter pot,
2.5" high x approximately 3" wide, not including the wire handle.
Next they were painted a creme color (white is available too).
Then a victorian paper bunny was added, black with a hint of green and pink.
This bunny is the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland
He's so worried that he isn't on time!
$15.00 for 12 baskets
plus postage

The Mad Hatter graphic was provided by

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Americana Denim Banner

Americana Denim Banner

Banner is made of upcycled denim
Stenciled country heart in soft white acrylic paint
Accented with red vintage buttons sewn to each panel
Each button is unique in itself
Homespun fabric ties in between each panel
Hemp hanger is 64" long
Total length of panels, including ties is 40"
Each individual panel is approximately 5" wide x 6.5" long
Ready to ship


WAS $15.00 plus postage
Reduced to $10.00 plus postage