Sunday, October 15, 2017

Cinnamon Salt Dough Mini-Pumpkins

Cinnamon Salt Dough Mini-Pumpkins
Made with salt/flour/cinnamon
Baked in the oven
Cute as can be

$5.00 include 3 mini-pumpkins
Each pumpkin is approximately 1-1 1/4" in size
Makes your home smell amazing
$3.00 postage will be added

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Christmas is Just Around the Corner


Christmas Tree Ornaments
All the balls are made of glass
$5.00 each
For local delivery only

Coastal Christmas Tree Balls

Snowmen with Crocheted Top Hat
Frosty White Christmas Tree Balls

Melted Snowmen
Christmas Tree Glass Balls
Each melted snowman
is made up of two coal pieces for eyes
one carrot nose
three coal pieces for buttons
a black top hat
(all pieces handcrafted from clay)
wrapped with a flannel scarf
and, of course, SNOW

Snowmen made with Peat Cups
Each cup has a wire handle
I have 12 and they can be hung on the tree
filled with candy 
or a pom pom, like pictured below,
or greens
or without a filler.
I've used mine for table favors,
filled each one with candy for my guests.

Metallic Brown Christmas Tree Balls
Wrapped with burlap and lace
and a brown tone vintage button

The Rosey Posey will be setting up at 3 more local craft shows
Contact me at for locations
or we can arrange pick up

Friday, September 22, 2017

Vintage Wooden Trucks

Vintage Wooden Trucks

Each wooden truck is 
approximately 12" long
and about 5" tall

Copper hangers provide a way
to hang the trucks on
your Christmas tree

wherever you have a pretty hanger

$12.00 plus shipping
Paypal available

Fabric pumpkins perched on rusty metal bedsprings

Fabric pumpkins
perched on rusty metal bedsprings

Each pumpkins is approximately 4" across and has been embellished with fleece leaves, rusty metal mini-pumpkins and jute. $9.00 plus postage. Lightweight. Paypal only

Friday, September 15, 2017

Pumpkins. Are. Everywhere.

Just finished these!
$7.00 and $8.00 according to size
Plus shipping fees. Paypal available.

All of the canning jar lid pumpkins have been sold
as well as many of the dryer vent hose pumpkins
there are still some available. 
If interested, just send me an

Email me at

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins

Variety of Pumpkins
made from
*   Fabric
*   Canning jar screw tops
*   Dryer vent hose
*   Copper scrubbies

2 Medium @ $5
1 small @ $4





$6 (sale pending)

$6 (sale pending)



See below for prices























All minis @ $4 each








Copper mini pumpkins made from scrubbies  $3 each







$7.00 for rusted canning jar screw top pumpkin
$4 for mini denim pumpkin

$7 for canning jar screw top
$4 for mini denim pumpkin

$7 for canning jar screw top pumpkin
$4 for mini denim pumpkin


Mini pumpkins  $4.00
Small pumpkins $5.00
Medium pumpkins $6.00 and $7.00
Large pumpkins $8.00

Please ask me about the number of the pumpkin 
you like and I'll let you know if it's mini, small, 
medium or large
Email me at
All shipping costs will be added to the products
Paypal available

Thanks for visiting The Rosey Posey